PROSTATE AWARENESS – Be early; be proactive; plan.

Early, consistent testing and thus early treatment of prostate disease may help men avoid a some unpleasant urinary tract difficulties and help men avoid sexual dysfunction. Early, consistent testing may also catch prostate cancer at an early stage and therefore allow the patient to avoid extended treatment or an early departure. More…

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24 Critical Hours – Personal Telecare Service can bring help!

George S. has been a subscriber to our Personal Telecare Service since 2004. In no uncertain terms his unsolicited testimonial describes the value of the Sentry Telecare daily check in service. The value resides in the fact that the service is PROACTIVE. It can be scheduled to call one, two, or three times each day to determine the status of the person receiving the call. Whether that person is absolutely fine, conscious but not able to move, disoriented, or unconscious the status of the check-in call recipient will be determined and as necessary, action will be taken. More…

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Cancer Patients Aided By Music

In Christopher Hitchens’ caustic 2010 essay “Tumortown” about his battle with esophageal cancer the celebrated journalist singles out for scorn those who offered unsolicited advice on miracle cures, soothing tonics and nourishing diets.

The one piece of advice Hitchens’ heeds comes from a Cheyenne-Arapaho friend, who notes that all of her friends who turned to tribal medicine died almost immediately and if anyone offers him the same, he should “move as fast as possible in the opposite direction.” More…

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Prostate Cancer – 3 part post complete – Health Matters

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men and the third leading cause of death due to cancer in men.

The three posts dealing with this subject are now available on the Living Alone – RUOK? blog; and are grouped in the blog category Health Matters.

The purpose of the three posts is to increase awareness about the disease, to promote proactivity in the identification and treatment of the prostate cancer, and to increase the lay person’s understanding of this killer. More…

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