Prostate Cancer – 3 part post complete – Health Matters

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men and the third leading cause of death due to cancer in men.

The three posts dealing with this subject are now available on the Living Alone – RUOK? blog; and are grouped in the blog category Health Matters.

The purpose of the three posts is to increase awareness about the disease, to promote proactivity in the identification and treatment of the prostate cancer, and to increase the lay person’s understanding of this killer.

It seems men generally find that discussion about prostate cancer is difficult. Apparently it is one of those “below the waist” topics often relegated to locker room joking. As a prostate cancer patient, I am qualified to tell you that early detection and treatment  beats the heck out of the alternative. My advice: at the age of 40 all men should consult their family doctor about developing a plan that may best detect cancer in the prostate gland . Do not take  your doctor’s response “not until you are 50″ for a final answer! With early detection, treatment will likely cure you. The cure of prostate cancer is reduced substantialy once the cancer is outside the prostate gland.

Future posts on this subject will report on new treatments as they become available.

Meditation mantra of the day: “FIND, FRY, DIE” – directed at the cancer cells. I borrowed this in part from Brett Wilson’s Video about  his journey to becoming a “Cancer Graduate”.

Live long and prosper.

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