Protect Your Pet with a “Pet Trust” and/or a “Pet Protection Agreement”

Serendipity is great happenstance. Only a few days after posting  “Living Alone with Pets and Telecare Service” I stumbled upon a US based website and associated service that informs you about how to create a legally enforceable plan to protect your beloved pet.

As stated on the website, Rachel Hirschfeld, Attorney-At Law,  “is a nationally renowned expert in estate planning and the preeminent authority on continuing protection of all animals. Her mission is to make sure that every pet that has found a loving home is guaranteed a secure future”.

As noted in the “Living Alone with Pets …” post we have learned that a number of our clients subscribe to our Personal Telecare Service specifically because of their concern for the welfare of their pets should they not be able to care for their pets themselves. Our service attends to the short-term welfare of the pets but you may find it useful to learn about how you can make sure your pet is in good hands for the longer term.

Visit the Pet Trust Lawyer website and learn that long-term care for your pet is within your reach today. (Recommended)

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