Celiac Disease – Gluten Free Diet Essential

Based on the accepted state of knowledge about Celiac disease, to avoid the health issues that can result from the condition a gluten-free diet is essential. I am a “Celiac”. (see earlier Blog). Discovery of my problem resulted from doctor pursuing a significant iron deficiency reported from a blood test. Due to the disease my body had stopped absorbing iron and my “iron tank” was near empty. No symptoms were evident to me and I felt well.

However, upon the diagnosis being confirmed, and receiving a strong directive from my physician, I immediately commenced a gluten-free diet. That was about two and a half years ago. Within a year of the diagnosis my iron levels returned to the normal range and have continued to increase since.

This post was written to highlight an article published on the web today. Apparently a gluten-free diet has become fashionable. If you are a celiac do not abandon the gluten-free diet: it is anything but fashionable for us!!!!

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