Stop IT Before It Stops You – Prostate Disease 1

Do not mess around with prostate disease!!! Accept that if you have a prostate gland you need to be aware of the symptoms. If you are 40 or older, you need to work with your doctor to develop a life-long early warning plan that will identify prostate problems and result in appropriate, timely treatment if required.

Not all prostate problems indicate the presence of prostate cancer. But only your doctor, with specialists, can make that More…

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Survival in the World of Living Alone 1

Falls in the Home (and more)
“Some people believe that falls are a normal part of aging, and as such are not preventable. But this is false. Falls usually are caused by certain health conditions (due to normal physical changes of aging or from illness) and/or environmental hazards in the home interfering with safety.” (Dr. Rein Tideiksaar Ph.D.). More…

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Vitamin D May Matter – Read Why!

This is likely to be my last Vitamin D blog and I’m not even going to write it.

In an earlier offering I tried to make the case that we should all make sure our Vitamin D tank is always topped up; because we need it and it isn’t likely to be just about bones.

Well today in the New York Times Health section, Jane E. Brody drove the nail home More…

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PAIN – Don’t Lash Out, Get Help Now

Pain, particularly chronic pain is no joke! Fortunately my experience with pain does not include the chronic variety. You might ask, “Why are you Blogging about it then”? The answer is I came across an article printed by the American Geriatrics Society – Dealing with “Persistent” Pain in Later Life and believe that a lot of people could benefit from the information in the article. More…

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